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Feb 16

Kindred Server 2.0 Ep 1 A new start and I make 20% of a gold farm

In this episode we have a new start as the host has deleted our server then we get down to business and make a gold farm well 20% of one.

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Jan 05

Kindred server Ep 3 The netherboner “came”

In this episode we have been revenge pranked by Prince and we have to clear it up. Make sure to check out my last vid of me pranking Prince and doing a few dopey wither fights with peeps. Last episode:…

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Dec 29

Kindred Server Ep 2 Great Erecting Prank and Wither fight

We bring a big hard surprise to prince abud and fight some withers with peeps. Note. Me and Peeps changed the lava around the penis so it only flowed one way instead of every which way. the noise explosion prank… christ’s reaction…

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Dec 06

Kindred Server Ep1 Wait what?

Same map different server. Hope you enjoyed if you would please hit that subscribe button and like button also comment on what i could improve. If you have twitch account follow me on twitch so you know when i’m live streaming at thanks. MrPeepers28: mrdhobbs: chobbs:… Zk: Christw4rrior: misterjoker:

Sep 01

InfiniumCraft Ender Dragon Special/EP 2

Aug 29

InfiniumCraft Ep 1 The battles with BraveHawk Commence!

Aug 28

InfiniumCraft Ep 0 The Tour and Introduction