About Us

Who are we?

We are a TIGHT NIT community Vanilla Minecraft Survival SMP server. Everyone pretty much knows everyone, as we played for a couple of months on a 1.7 map. We decided to start fresh for 1.8, and are currently running 1.12. We are very picky on who we let in, so its not going to be easy. If you are looking for a fun/trusted/vanilla/whitelisted/community server, this is the real deal. This server is less PVP based, and more based on community builds and building in general.

Server Settings?

Vanilla, Hard Difficulty, Mob Griefing on.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for YouTubers who are mature, fun, and who will be dedicated to the server. We don’t want 1 time and/or casual players. We don’t want too many people on this server, and because of this, we have a strict guideline. We don’t want ANY troublemakers on this server – no stealing, griefing, etc.


Yes, there are two or three plugins that are only there for the protection of the server, for griefing, etc. There is NOTHING game-altering as that ruins the vanilla experience.

Applying for the whitelist:

The application for getting on the server is below. Try to put some effort into applying; this application will show if you are responsible, mature, and sound like you are fun to play with. If you don’t put effort into it, it shows that you don’t want to put any effort into the server. You will be judged on your application, so don’t write vague answers. If you we like your application, you will be sent a private message on Skype or via e-mail.

Your favorite block is “Mossy Stone” (this is to check if you read everything!)

The server version is 1.12, and will be regularly updated.