Monthly Archive: July 2015

Jul 31

Kindred Server Ep#32: Squircles

Welcome to my thirty-second video on the vanilla Minecraft server Kindred! In this video I complete the expansion of the Guardian Farm, including re-doing all of the squircles using a different design! Squircle template: I also visit the Wither Farm, which has been recently improved by Killr_Princess. Please hit that “Like” button if you …

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Jul 26

Kindred Ep1

Me On The Kindred Server

Jul 17

Kindred Server Ep#31: Guardian Farm Expansion

Welcome to my thirty-first video on the vanilla Minecraft server Kindred! In this video I expand the Guardian Farm and do some creeper farming. Minecraft Forum post: Please hit that “Like” button if you enjoyed this video, and any comments (good or bad) are most welcome! Thank you for your time

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Jul 07

Minecraft kindred : Droopy Mountain [Episode 1 Season 1]

At last after about 30 mins i finally found it that’s right my base woop —————————————-­­—————————————­-­————————————–­–­————————————-­—­————————————­—-­————– Recording Software Used : Dxtory —— Editing Software Used : Sony Vegas Pro 13 —————————————-­­—————————————­-­————————————–­–­————————————-­—­————————————­—-­————–

Jul 06

Kindred server Episode 1 // Exploring the server

After playing for a couple of weeks, Jamie joins me and we explore the server a bit. This is a private server, and I am not allowed to share the IP Jamie’s Perspective : Coming soon! Jamie’s Channel :

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Jul 06

Minecraft kindred episdoe 1

Hope You Enjoy ; My Very Small Subscriber Base Ross’s Channel :… Editing Software : Sony Vegas Pro 13 Recording Software : Dxtory