Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 19

mrdhobbs Plays Minecraft: InfiniumCraft Server Ep#2

In this video I work on the nether hub with MrPeepers, create an XP farm from a zombie spawner and create automated cow, pig and rabbit farms.Please hit that “Like” button if you enjoyed this video, and any comments (good or bad) are most welcome!Thank you for your timeLinks================My website: WhitelistedWhitelist request thread: …

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Sep 05

mrdhobbs Plays Minecraft: InfiniumCraft Server Ep#1

In this video I take a tour around the spawn area of this new server, exploring some of the new blocks available in Minecraft 1.8, and I start on my base.Please take a look at my website ( for an explanation why it has been so long since my last video.Please hit that “Like” button …

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Sep 01

InfiniumCraft Ender Dragon Special/EP 2